Manual Validation task

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Use this task in a YAML pipeline to pause a run within a stage, typically to perform some manual actions or validations, and then resume/reject the run.


This task is supported only in YAML pipelines. Can be used only in an agentless job of a YAML pipeline.


Parameter Comments
instructions Optional. The instruction text to display to the user when the task is activated.
notifyUsers Optional. The list of email addresses for users that will be notified that the task has been activated. Only users with queue build permission can act on a manual validation. You can send to a group using [org name]\group name syntax.
onTimeout Optional. The action to take (reject or resume) if the task times out. Defaults to reject.
Control options See Control options

The Manual Validation task allows you to pause a pipeline run within a stage, typically to perform some manual steps or actions, and then continue with the pipeline. For example, the user may need to manually validate certain deployment configurations before the pipeline starts a long running computational intensive job.

The Manual Validation task configuration includes an instructions parameter that can be used to provide related information, or to specify the manual steps the user should execute during the pause. You can configure the task to send email notifications to users and user groups when it is awaiting a review, and specify the automatic response (reject or resume) after a configurable timeout occurs.

You can specify the timeout value for the task using the timeoutInMinutes parameter available in control options. This parameter is optional.


For the task to run completely, the timeout value of the job should be higher than the timeout value of the task. See default job timeout values.


You can use variables to specify email addresses in the notifyUsers parameter.

When the Manual validation task is activated during a pipeline, it displays a message bar containing a link that opens the Manual validation dialog containing the instructions. After carrying out the manual steps, the administrator or user can choose to resume the run, or reject it. Users with 'Queue builds' permission on the pipeline can resume or reject the run.


  - job: waitForValidation
    displayName: Wait for external validation
    pool: server
    timeoutInMinutes: 4320 # job times out in 3 days
    - task: ManualValidation@0
      timeoutInMinutes: 1440 # task times out in 1 day
        notifyUsers: |

        instructions: 'Please validate the build configuration and resume'
        onTimeout: 'resume'