Scenario: Storage exception after connection reset in Azure HDInsight

This article describes troubleshooting steps and possible resolutions for issues when interacting with Azure HDInsight clusters.


Unable to create new Apache HBase table.


During a table truncation process, there was a storage connection issue. The table entry was deleted in HBase metadata table. All but one blob file was deleted.

Although there was no folder blob called /hbase/data/default/ThatTable sitting in the storage. The WASB driver found the existence of the above the blob file and would not allow to create any blob called /hbase/data/default/ThatTable because it assumed the parent folders existed, thus creating table will fail.


  1. From Apache Ambari UI, restart the active HMaster. This will let one of the two standby HMaster becoming the active one and the new active HMaster will reload the metadata table info. Thus you will not see the already-deleted table in HMaster UI.

  2. You can find the orphan blob file from UI tools like Cloud Explorer or running command like hdfs dfs -ls /xxxxxx/yyyyy. Run hdfs dfs -rmr /xxxxx/yyyy to delete that blob. For example, hdfs dfs -rmr /hbase/data/default/ThatTable/ThatFile.

Now you can create new table with the same name in HBase.

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