Debug WASB file operations in Azure HDInsight

There are times when you may want to understand what operations the WASB driver started with Azure Storage. For the client side, the WASB driver produces logs for each file system operation at DEBUG level. WASB driver uses log4j to control logging level and the default is INFO level. For Azure Storage server-side analytics logs, see Azure Storage analytics logging.

A produced log will look similar to:

18/05/13 04:15:55 DEBUG NativeAzureFileSystem: Moving wasb:// to wasb://

Turn on WASB debug log for file operations

  1. From a web browser, navigate to, where CLUSTERNAME is the name of your Spark cluster.

  2. Navigate to advanced spark2-log4j-properties.

    1. Modify log4j.appender.console.Threshold=INFO to log4j.appender.console.Threshold=DEBUG.

    2. Add

  3. Navigate to Advanced livy2-log4j-properties.


  4. Save changes.

Additional logging

The above logs should provide high-level understanding of the file system operations. If the above logs are still not providing useful information, or if you want to investigate blob storage api calls, add to the core-site. This setting will enable the Java sdk logs for wasb storage driver and will print each call to blob storage server. Remove the setting after investigations because it could fill up the disk quickly and could slow down the process.

If the backend is Azure Data Lake based, then use the following log4j setting for the component(for example, spark/tez/hdfs):,adlsFile

Look for the logs in /var/log/adl/adl.log for the logs.

Next steps

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