Scenario: Sqoop import/export command fails for usernames greater than 20 characters in Azure HDInsight ESP clusters

This article describes a known issue and workaround when using Azure HDInsight ESP (Enterprise Security Pack) enabled clusters using ADLS Gen2 (ABFS) storage account.


When you run sqoop import/export command, it fails with the error for some users:

ERROR tool.ImportTool: Import failed:
The ownership on the staging directory /user/yourlongdomainuserna/.staging isn't as expected. 
It is owned by yourlongdomainusername.
The directory must be owned by the submitter yourlongdomainuserna or yourlongdomainuserna@AADDS.CONTOSO.COM

In the example, /user/yourlongdomainuserna/.staging displays the truncated 20 character username for the username yourlongdomainusername.


The length of the username exceeds 20 characters in length.

Refer to How objects and credentials are synchronized in an Azure Active Directory Domain Services managed domain for further details.


Use a username less than or equals to 20 characters.

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