Health Bot Analytics Reports

Analytics reports are available for you to measure the behavior of your bot and continuously adapt and revisit your conversation flows in a response to your end-users.

Reports are interactive; you can select within the reports to cross-filter or focus to areas of interest you can also choose the time of interest in the top bar.

Available reports include:

  • Daily and monthly unique users

  • Built-in session and custom scenarios distribution

  • Triage complaint distribution and triage outcome distribution

  • Messages distribution

  • Custom scenario outcome distribution

  • The ratio of unrecognized utterances

Examples of the reporting pages can be seen below:

Unique users Report the number of unique users interacting with your chatbot over the selected period

Messages reports the number of messages between the bot and the user over the selected period

Built In Sessions shows the distribution of built-in scenarios over the selected period of time. For more details on the built in capabilitites, see Experience Health Bot built-in conversation

Custom Sessions shows the distribution of your custom scenarios over the selected period.

To get meaningful outcome reporting, it is advisable to assign meaningful names to the steps in your scenarios. Open the step property and click the pencil icon and type the step name, as shown below. The name you give the step will be reflected in the report above.

Triage By Complaint tracks the distribution of triage complaints over the selected period of time. The triage complaint distribution shows the most common complaints of the users of the symptom checker.

Triage By Outcome tracks the distribution of triage outcome over the selected period of time.

Unrecognized Utterances report tracks the ratio and a total number of misunderstood utterance.

You can view the full list of unrecognized utterances in the designated view: