How to create copies of the MedTech service device and FHIR destination mappings

This article provides steps for creating copies of your MedTech service's device and Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR®) destination mappings that can be used outside of Azure. These copies can be used for editing, troubleshooting, and archiving.


Check out the IoMT Connector Data Mapper tool for editing, testing, and troubleshooting MedTech service device and FHIR destination mappings. Export mappings for uploading to the MedTech service in the Azure portal or use with the open-source version of the MedTech service.


When opening an Azure Technical Support ticket for your MedTech service, include copies of your device and FHIR destination mappings to assist in the troubleshooting process.

Device mapping copy creation process

  1. Select "MedTech service" on the left side of your Azure Health Data Services workspace under Services.

    Screenshot of select MedTech service within the workspace.

  2. Select the name of the MedTech service that you'll be copying the device mapping from. In this example, we'll be making a copy of the device mapping from a MedTech service named mt-azuredocsdemo. You'll be selecting your own MedTech service as part of this process.

    Screenshot of select the MedTech service that you'll be making mappings copies from.

  3. Select the Device mapping button under Settings.

    Screenshot of select Device mapping button.


    This process can also be used for copying and saving the contents of the Destination (also know as the FHIR destination) mapping which is also under Settings within your workspace.

  4. Select the contents of the device mapping (for example: press Ctrl + a) and do a copy operation (for example: press Ctrl + c).

    Screenshot of select and copy contents of the mapping.

  5. Open an editor application like Notepad or Microsoft Visual Studio Code and do a paste operation (for example: press Ctrl + v) and a save operation (for example: press Ctrl + s) to create a file copy of your MedTech service device mapping. For this example, we'll be using Notepad.

    Screenshot of using Notepad with the device mapping copy.

    1. Select a folder to save the file in.
    2. Select a name for your file.
    3. Leave the remaining fields at their defaults (for example: Save as type and Encoding).
    4. Select the Save button.

Next steps

In this article, you learned about how to make copies of your MedTech service device and FHIR destination mappings.

To learn how to troubleshoot MedTech service errors, see

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