Prerequisites to set up peering with Microsoft

Ensure the prerequisites below are met before you request for a new peering or convert a legacy peering to Azure resource.

  • Microsoft Azure account: If you don't have a Microsoft Azure account, create a Microsoft Azure account. A valid and active Microsoft Azure subscription is required to set up peering, as the peerings are modeled as resources within Azure subscriptions. It's important to note that:

    • The Azure resource types used to set up peering are always-free Azure products, so you aren't charged for creating an Azure account or creating a subscription or accessing the Azure resources PeerAsn and Peering to set up peering. This isn't to be confused with peering agreement for Direct peering between you and Microsoft, the terms for which are explicitly discussed with our peering team. Contact Microsoft peering if any questions in this regard.
    • You can use the same Azure subscription to access other Azure products or cloud services, which may be free or paid. When you access a paid product, you'll incur charges.
    • If you're creating a new Azure account and or subscription, you may be eligible for free Azure credit during a trial period that you may utilize to try Azure Cloud services. If interested, visit Microsoft Azure account for more info.
  • Associate Peer ASN: Before requesting for peering, first associate your ASN and contact info to your subscription. Follow the instructions in Associate Peer ASN to Azure Subscription.

Other prerequisites

  • PeeringDB profile: Peers are expected to have a complete and up-to-date profile on PeeringDB. We use this information in our registration system to validate the peer's details such as NOC information, technical contact information, and their presence at the peering facilities etc.

Next steps