Azure IoT Device SDK lifecycle and support

The article describes the Azure IoT Device SDK lifecycle and support policy. For more information, see Azure SDK Lifecycle and support policy.

Package lifecycle

The releases fall into the following categories, each with a defined support structure.

  1. Beta - Also known as Preview or Release Candidate. Available for early access and feedback purposes and is not recommended for use in production. The preview version support is limited to GitHub issues. Preview releases typically live for less than six months, after which they're either deprecated or released as active.

  2. Active - Generally available and fully supported, receives new feature updates, as well as bug and security fixes. We recommend that customers use the latest version because that version receives fixes and updates.

  3. Deprecated - Superseded by a more recent release. Deprecation occurs at the same time the new release becomes active. Deprecated releases address the most critical bug fixes and security fixes for another 12 months.

Get support

If you experience problems while using the Azure IoT SDKs, there are several ways to seek support:

  • Reporting bugs - All customers can report bugs on the issues page for the GitHub repository associated with the relevant SDK.

  • Microsoft Customer Support team - Users who have a support plan can engage the Microsoft Customer Support team by creating a support ticket directly from the Azure portal.