Azure Kinect body tracking index map

The body index map includes the instance segmentation map for each body in the depth camera capture. Each pixel maps to the corresponding pixel in the depth or IR image. The value for each pixel represents which body the pixel belongs to. It can be either background (value K4ABT_BODY_INDEX_MAP_BACKGROUND) or the index of a detected k4abt_body_t.

Body index map example


The body index is different than the body id. You can query the body id from a given body index by calling API: k4abt_frame_get_body_id().

Using body index map

The body index map is stored as a k4a_image_t and has the same resolution as the depth or IR image. Each pixel is an 8-bit value. It can be queried from a k4abt_frame_t by calling k4abt_frame_get_body_index_map. The developer is responsible for releasing the memory for the body index map by calling k4a_image_release().

Next steps

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