Create custom tracking schemas that monitor end-to-end workflows in Azure Logic A

Azure Logic Apps has built-in tracking that you can enable for parts of your workflow. However, you can set up custom tracking that logs events from the beginning to the end of workflows, for example, workflows that include a logic app, BizTalk Server, SQL Server, or any other layer. This article provides custom code that you can use in the layers outside of your logic app.

Custom tracking schema

   "sourceType": "",
   "source": {
      "workflow": {
         "systemId": ""
      "runInstance": {
         "runId": ""
      "operation": {
         "operationName": "",
         "repeatItemScopeName": "",
         "repeatItemIndex": ,
         "trackingId": "",
         "correlationId": "",
         "clientRequestId": ""
   "events": [
         "eventLevel": "",
         "eventTime": "",
         "recordType": "",
         "record": {}
Property Required Type Description
sourceType Yes String Type of the run source with these permitted values: Microsoft.Logic/workflows, custom
source Yes String or JToken If the source type is Microsoft.Logic/workflows, the source information needs to follow this schema. If the source type is custom, the schema is a JToken.
systemId Yes String Logic app system ID
runId Yes String Logic app run ID
operationName Yes String Name of the operation, for example, action or trigger
repeatItemScopeName Yes String Repeat item name if the action is inside a foreachor until loop
repeatItemIndex Yes Integer Indicates that the action is inside a foreach or until loop and is the repeated item index number.
trackingId No String Tracking ID to correlate the messages
correlationId No String Correlation ID to correlate the messages
clientRequestId No String Client can populate this property to correlate messages
eventLevel Yes String Level of the event
eventTime Yes DateTime Time of the event in UTC format: YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM:SS.00000Z
recordType Yes String Type of the track record with this permitted value only: custom
record Yes JToken Custom record type with JToken format only

B2B protocol tracking schemas

For information about B2B protocol tracking schemas, see:

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