CLI (v2) batch endpoint YAML schema

APPLIES TO: Azure CLI ml extension v2 (current)

The source JSON schema can be found at


The YAML syntax detailed in this document is based on the JSON schema for the latest version of the ML CLI v2 extension. This syntax is guaranteed only to work with the latest version of the ML CLI v2 extension. You can find the schemas for older extension versions at

YAML syntax

Key Type Description Allowed values Default value
$schema string The YAML schema. If you use the Azure Machine Learning VS Code extension to author the YAML file, including $schema at the top of your file enables you to invoke schema and resource completions.
name string Required. Name of the endpoint. Needs to be unique at the Azure region level.
description string Description of the endpoint.
tags object Dictionary of tags for the endpoint.
auth_mode string The authentication method for the endpoint. Currently only Microsoft Entra token-based authentication is supported. aad_token aad_token
defaults object Default settings for the endpoint.
defaults.deployment_name string Name of the deployment that will serve as the default deployment for the endpoint.


The az ml batch-endpoint commands can be used for managing Azure Machine Learning endpoints.


Examples are available in the examples GitHub repository. Several are shown below.

YAML: basic

name: mnist-batch
description: A batch endpoint for scoring images from the MNIST dataset.
  type: deep-learning

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