Try report queries API

This API executes a Report query statement. The API returns only 10 records that you as a partner can use to verify if the data is as you expected.


This API has a query execution timeout of 100 seconds. If you notice the API is taking more than 100 seconds, it is highly likely that the query is syntactically correct or else you would have received an error code other than 200. The actual report generation will pass if the query syntax is correct.

Request syntax

Method Request URI
GET{query text}

Request header

Header Type Description
Authorization string Required. The Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) access token in the form Bearer <token>
Content-Type string Application/JSON


Parameter Name Type Description
exportQuery string Report query string that needs to be executed
queryId string A valid existing query ID

Path Parameter


Request Payload





The response payload is structured as follows:

Response code: 200, 400, 401, 403, 404, 500

Response payload: Top 10 rows of query execution