Pricing for virtual machine offers


The Cloud Partner Portal APIs are integrated with and will continue working in Partner Center. The transition introduces small changes. Review the changes listed in Cloud Partner Portal API Reference to ensure your code continues working after transitioning to Partner Center. CPP APIs should only be used for existing products that were already integrated before transition to Partner Center; new products should use Partner Center submission APIs.

There are three ways to specify pricing for virtual machine offers: customized core pricing, per-core pricing, and spreadsheet pricing.

Customized core pricing

Pricing is specific for each region and core combination. Every region in the sell list must be specified in the virtualMachinePricing/regionPrices section of the definition. Use the correct currency codes for each region in your request. The following example demonstrates these requirements:

            "currency": "USD",
                    "sharedcore": 1,
                    "1core": 2,
                    "2core": 2,
                    "4core": 2,
                    "6core": 2,
                    "8core": 2,
                    "10core": 4,
                    "12core": 4,
                    "16core": 4,
                    "20core": 4,
                    "24core": 4,
                    "32core": 6,
                    "36core": 6,
                    "40core": 6,
                    "44core": 6,
                    "48core": 10,
                    "60core": 10,
                    "64core": 10,
                    "72core": 10,
                    "80core": 12,
                    "96core": 12,
                    "120core": 15,
                    "128core": 15,
                    "208core": 20,
                    "416core": 30

Per-core pricing

In this case, the publishers specify one price in USD for their SKU and all other prices are automatically generated. The price per core is specified in the single parameter in the request.

             "currency": "USD",
             "single": 1.0

Spreadsheet pricing

The publisher may also upload their pricing spreadsheet to a temporary storage location, then include the URI in the request like other file artifacts. The spreadsheet is then uploaded, translated to evaluate the specified price schedule, and finally updates the offer with the pricing information. Subsequent GET requests for the offer will return the spreadsheet URI and the evaluated prices for the region.

             "uri": "<your_spreadsheet_location_here>/prices.xlsx",

New core sizes added on 7/2/2019

VM publishers were notified on July 2, 2019 of the addition of new prices for new Azure virtual machine sizes (based on the number of cores). The new prices are for the core sizes 10, 44, 48, 60, 120, 208, and 416. For existing VM offers new prices for these cores sizes were automatically calculated based on current prices. Publishers have until August 1, 2019 to review the additional prices and make any desired changes. After this date, if not already re-published by the publisher, the automatically calculated prices for these new core sizes will take effect.


The following table shows the different regions that you can specify for customized core pricing, and their corresponding currency codes.

Region Name Currency code
DZ Algeria DZD
AR Argentina ARS
AU Australia AUD
AT Austria EUR
BH Bahrain BHD
BY Belarus RUB
BE Belgium EUR
BR Brazil USD
BG Bulgaria BGN
CA Canada CAD
CL Chile CLP
CO Colombia COP
CR Costa Rica CRC
HR Croatia HRK
CY Cyprus EUR
CZ Czechia CZK
DK Denmark DKK
DO Dominican Republic USD
EC Ecuador USD
EG Egypt EGP
SV El Salvador USD
EE Estonia EUR
FI Finland EUR
FR France EUR
DE Germany EUR
GR Greece EUR
GT Guatemala GTQ
HK Hong Kong SAR HKD
HU Hungary HUF
IS Iceland ISK
IN India INR
ID Indonesia IDR
IE Ireland EUR
IL Israel ILS
IT Italy EUR
JP Japan JPY
JO Jordan JOD
KZ Kazakhstan KZT
KE Kenya KES
KR Korea KRW
KW Kuwait KWD
LV Latvia EUR
LI Liechtenstein CHF
LT Lithuania EUR
LU Luxembourg EUR
MY Malaysia MYR
MT Malta EUR
MX Mexico MXN
ME Montenegro EUR
MA Morocco MAD
NL Netherlands EUR
NZ New Zealand NZD
NG Nigeria NGN
MK North Macedonia MKD
NO Norway NOK
PK Pakistan PKR
PA Panama USD
PY Paraguay PYG
PH Philippines PHP
PL Poland PLN
PT Portugal EUR
PR Puerto Rico USD
QA Qatar QAR
RO Romania RON
RU Russia RUB
SA Saudi Arabia SAR
RS Serbia RSD
SG Singapore SGD
SK Slovakia EUR
SI Slovenia EUR
ZA South Africa ZAR
ES Spain EUR
LK Sri Lanka USD
SE Sweden SEK
CH Switzerland CHF
TW Taiwan TWD
TH Thailand THB
TT Trinidad and Tobago TTD
TN Tunisia TND
TR Turkey TRY
UA Ukraine UAH
AE United Arab Emirates EUR
GB United Kingdom GBP
US United States USD
UY Uruguay UYU
VE Venezuela USD