Error codes

When playback can't start or has stopped, an error event will be fired and the error() function will return a code and an optional message to help the app developer get more details. error().message isn't the message displayed to the user. The message displayed to the user is based on error().code bits 27-20, see table below.

    var myPlayer = amp('vid1');
    myPlayer.addEventListener('error', function() {
        var errorDetails = myPlayer.error();
        var code = errorDetails.code;
        var message = errorDetails.message;

Error codes, bits [31-28] (4 bits)

Describe the area of the error.

  • 0 - Unknown
  • 1 - AMP
  • 2 - AzureHtml5JS
  • 3 - FlashSS
  • 4 - SilverlightSS
  • 5 - Html5
  • 6 - Html5FairPlayHLS

Error codes, bits [27-0] (28 bits)

Describe details of the error, bits 27-20 provide a high level, bits 19-0 provide more detail if available.

amp.errorCode.[name] Codes, Bits [27-0] (28 bits) Description
MEDIA_ERR_ABORTED errors range (0x0100000 - 0x01FFFFF)
abortedErrUnknown 0x0100000 Generic abort error
abortedErrNotImplemented 0x0100001 Abort error, not implemented
abortedErrHttpMixedContentBlocked 0x0100002 Abort error, mixed content blocked - generally occurs when loading an http:// stream from an https:// page
MEDIA_ERR_NETWORK errors start value (0x0200000 - 0x02FFFFF)
networkErrUnknown 0x0200000 Generic network error
networkErrHttpBadUrlFormat 0x0200190 Http 400 error response
networkErrHttpUserAuthRequired 0x0200191 Http 401 error response
networkErrHttpUserForbidden 0x0200193 Http 403 error response
networkErrHttpUrlNotFound 0x0200194 Http 404 error response
networkErrHttpNotAllowed 0x0200195 Http 405 error response
networkErrHttpGone 0x020019A Http 410 error response
networkErrHttpPreconditionFailed 0x020019C Http 412 error response
networkErrHttpInternalServerFailure 0x02001F4 Http 500 error response
networkErrHttpBadGateway 0x02001F6 Http 502 error response
networkErrHttpServiceUnavailable 0x02001F7 Http 503 error response
networkErrHttpGatewayTimeout 0x02001F8 Http 504 error response
networkErrTimeout 0x0200258 Network timeout error
networkErrErr 0x0200259 Network connection error response
MEDIA_ERR_DECODE errors (0x0300000 - 0x03FFFFF)
decodeErrUnknown 0x0300000 Generic decode error
MEDIA_ERR_SRC_NOT_SUPPORTED errors (0x0400000 - 0x04FFFFF)
srcErrUnknown 0x0400000 Generic source not supported error
srcErrParsePresentation 0x0400001 Presentation parse error
srcErrParseSegment 0x0400002 Segment parse error
srcErrUnsupportedPresentation 0x0400003 Presentation not supported
srcErrInvalidSegment 0x0400004 Invalid segment
srcErrLiveNoSegments 0x0400005 Segments not available yet
MEDIA_ERR_ENCRYPTED errors start value(0x0500000 - 0x05FFFFF)
encryptErrUnknown 0x0500000 Generic encrypted error
encryptErrDecrypterNotFound 0x0500001 Decrypter not found
encryptErrDecrypterInit 0x0500002 Decrypter initialization error
encryptErrDecrypterNotSupported 0x0500003 Decrypter not supported
encryptErrKeyAcquire 0x0500004 Key acquire failed
encryptErrDecryption 0x0500005 Decryption of segment failed
encryptErrLicenseAcquire 0x0500006 License acquire failed
SRC_PLAYER_MISMATCH errors start value(0x0600000 - 0x06FFFFF)
srcPlayerMismatchUnknown 0x0600000 Generic no matching tech player to play the source
srcPlayerMismatchFlashNotInstalled 0x0600001 Flash plugin isn't installed, if installed the source may play. OR Flash 30 is installed and playing back AES content. If this is the case, please try a different browser. Flash 30 is unsupported today as of June 7th. See known issues for more details. Note: If 0x00600003, both Flash and Silverlight are not installed, if specified in the techOrder.
srcPlayerMismatchSilverlightNotInstalled 0x0600002 Silverlight plugin is not installed, if installed the source may play. Note: If 0x00600003, both Flash and Silverlight are not installed, if specified in the techOrder.
0x00600003 Both Flash and Silverlight are not installed, if specified in the techOrder.
Unknown errors (0x0FF00000)
errUnknown 0xFF00000 Unknown errors

User error messages

User message displayed is based on error code's bits 27-20.

  • MEDIA_ERR_ABORTED (1) - "You aborted the video playback"
  • MEDIA_ERR_NETWORK (2) - "A network error caused the video download to fail part-way."
  • MEDIA_ERR_DECODE (3) - "The video playback was aborted due to a corruption problem or because the video used features your browser did not support."
  • MEDIA_ERR_SRC_NOT_SUPPORTED (4) - "The video could not be loaded, either because the server or network failed or because the format is not supported."
  • MEDIA_ERR_ENCRYPTED (5) - "The video is encrypted and we do not have the keys to decrypt it."
  • SRC_PLAYER_MISMATCH (6) - "No compatible source was found for this video."
  • MEDIA_ERR_UNKNOWN (0xFF) - "An unknown error occurred."



"No compatible source was found for this video." is displayed to the end user.

There is no tech player that can play the requested sources, but if Flash plugin is installed, it is likely that a source could be played.


"A network error caused the video download to fail part-way." is displayed to the end user.

AzureHtml5JS failed to playback from an http 404 response.

Categorizing errors

    if(myPlayer.error().code & amp.errorCode.abortedErrStart) {
        // MEDIA_ERR_ABORTED errors
    else if(myPlayer.error().code & amp.errorCode.networkErrStart) {
        // MEDIA_ERR_NETWORK errors
    else if(myPlayer.error().code & amp.errorCode.decodeErrStart) {
        // MEDIA_ERR_DECODE errors
    else if(myPlayer.error().code & amp.errorCode.srcErrStart) {
    else if(myPlayer.error().code & amp.errorCode.encryptErrStart) {
        // MEDIA_ERR_ENCRYPTED errors
    else if(myPlayer.error().code & amp.errorCode.srcPlayerMismatchStart) {
        // SRC_PLAYER_MISMATCH errors
    else {
        // unknown errors

Catching a specific error

The following code catches just 404 errors:

    if(myPlayer.error().code & amp.errorCode.networkErrHttpUrlNotFound) {
        // all http 404 errors