Azure role-based access control permissions required to use Network Watcher capabilities

Azure role-based access control (Azure RBAC) enables you to assign only the specific actions to members of your organization that they require to complete their assigned responsibilities. To use Network Watcher capabilities, the account you log into Azure with, must be assigned to the Owner, Contributor, or Network contributor built-in roles, or assigned to a custom role that is assigned the actions listed for each Network Watcher capability in the sections that follow. To learn more about Network Watcher's capabilities, see What is Network Watcher?.

Network Watcher

Action Description
Microsoft.Network/networkWatchers/read Get a network watcher
Microsoft.Network/networkWatchers/write Create or update a network watcher
Microsoft.Network/networkWatchers/delete Delete a network watcher

NSG flow logs

Action Description
Microsoft.Network/networkWatchers/configureFlowLog/action Configure a flow Log
Microsoft.Network/networkWatchers/queryFlowLogStatus/action Query status for a flow log

Connection troubleshoot

Action Description
Microsoft.Network/networkWatchers/connectivityCheck/action Initiate a connection troubleshoot test
Microsoft.Network/networkWatchers/queryTroubleshootResult/action Query results of a connection troubleshoot test
Microsoft.Network/networkWatchers/troubleshoot/action Run a connection troubleshoot test

Connection monitor

Action Description
Microsoft.Network/networkWatchers/connectionMonitors/start/action Start a connection monitor
Microsoft.Network/networkWatchers/connectionMonitors/stop/action Stop a connection monitor
Microsoft.Network/networkWatchers/connectionMonitors/query/action Query a connection monitor
Microsoft.Network/networkWatchers/connectionMonitors/read Get a connection monitor
Microsoft.Network/networkWatchers/connectionMonitors/write Create a connection monitor
Microsoft.Network/networkWatchers/connectionMonitors/delete Delete a connection monitor

Packet capture

Action Description
Microsoft.Network/networkWatchers/packetCaptures/queryStatus/action Query the status of a packet capture.
Microsoft.Network/networkWatchers/packetCaptures/stop/action Stop a packet capture.
Microsoft.Network/networkWatchers/packetCaptures/read Get a packet capture.
Microsoft.Network/networkWatchers/packetCaptures/write Create a packet capture.
Microsoft.Network/networkWatchers/packetCaptures/delete Delete a packet capture.
Microsoft.Network/networkWatchers/packetCaptures/queryStatus/read View the status of a packet capture.

IP flow verify

Action Description
Microsoft.Network/networkWatchers/ipFlowVerify/action Verify an IP flow

Next hop

Action Description
Microsoft.Network/networkWatchers/nextHop/action Get the next hop from a VM

Network security group view

Action Description
Microsoft.Network/networkWatchers/securityGroupView/action View security groups


Action Description
Microsoft.Network/networkWatchers/topology/action Get topology
Microsoft.Network/networkWatchers/topology/read Same as above

Reachability report

Action Description
Microsoft.Network/networkWatchers/azureReachabilityReport/action Get an Azure reachability report

Additional actions

Network Watcher capabilities also require the following actions:

Action(s) Description
Microsoft.Authorization/*/Read Used to fetch Azure role assignments and policy definitions
Microsoft.Resources/subscriptions/resourceGroups/Read Used to enumerate all the resource groups in a subscription
Microsoft.Storage/storageAccounts/Read Used to get the properties for the specified storage account
Used to fetch shared access signatures (SAS) enabling secure access to storage account and write to the storage account
Used to log in to the VM, do a packet capture and upload it to storage account
Used to check if Network Watcher extension is present, and install if required
Used to access virtual machine scale sets, do packet captures and upload them to storage account
Used to check if Network Watcher extension is present, and install if required
Microsoft.Insights/alertRules/* Used to set up metric alerts
Microsoft.Support/* Used to create and update support tickets from Network Watcher