What is Azure Orbital Analytics?

Azure Orbital Analytics are Azure capabilities using spaceborne data and AI that allow you to discover and distribute the most valuable insights from your spaceborne data to take action in less time.

What it provides

Azure Orbital Analytics informs customers of the ability to downlink spaceborne data from Azure Orbital Ground Station (AOGS), first- or third-party archives, or customer-acquired data directly into Azure. Data is efficiently stored using Azure Data Platform components. From there, raw spaceborne sensor data can be converted into analysis-ready data using Azure Orbital Analytics processing pipeline reference architectures.


Derive insights on data by applying AI models, integrating applications, and more. Partner AI models and Microsoft tools extract the highest precision results. Finally, deliver data to destinations such as Microsoft Teams, Power Platform, or process it using open-source tools. Azure Orbital Analytics enables scenarios including land classification, asset monitoring, object detection, and more.


Azure Orbital Analytics is the pathway between satellite operators and Microsoft customers. Partnerships with Airbus, Blackshark.ai, and Orbital Insight enable information extraction and publishing to Esri’s ArcGIS workflows.

Orbital Analytics for Azure Synapse applies artificial intelligence over satellite imagery at scale using Azure resources.

Next steps