Integrate partner network ground stations into your Azure Orbital Ground Station solution

This article describes how to integrate partner network ground stations.


  • An Azure account with an active subscription. Create an account for free.
  • An active contract with the partner network(s) you wish to integrate with Azure Orbital.
  • KSAT Lite
  • Viasat RTE

Request integration resource information

  1. Email the Azure Orbital Ground Station (AOGS) team at to initiate partner network integration by providing the details below:
    • Azure Subscription ID
    • List of partner networks you've contracted with
    • List of ground station locations included in partner contracts
  2. The AOGS team will reply to your message with additional requested information, or, the Contact Profile resource parameters that will enable your partner network integration.
  3. Create a contact profile resource with the parameters provided by the AOGS team.
  4. Await integration confirmation prior to scheduling Contacts with the newly integrated partner network(s).


It is important that the contact profile resource parameters match those provided by the AOGS team.

Next steps