Integrate partner network ground stations into your Azure Orbital Ground Station solution

This article describes how to integrate partner network ground stations for customers with partner network contracts. In order to use Azure Orbital Ground Station to make contacts with partner network ground station sites, your spacecraft must be authorized in the portal.


  • An Azure account with an active subscription. Create an account for free.
  • Contributor permissions at the subscription level.
  • A Basic Support Plan or higher is required for a spacecraft authorization request.
  • A spacecraft license is required for private spacecraft.
  • An active contract with the partner network(s) you wish to integrate with Azure Orbital Ground Station:
  • A ground station license for each of the partner network sites you wish to contact is required for private spacecraft.
  • A registered spacecraft object. Learn more on how to register a spacecraft.

Obtain licencses

Obtain the proper spacecraft license(s) for a private spacecraft. Additionally, work with the partner network to obtain a ground station license for each partner network site you intend to use with your spacecraft.


Public spacecraft do not require licensing for authorization. The Azure Orbital Ground Station service supports several public satellites including Aqua, Suomi NPP, JPSS-1/NOAA-20, and Terra.

Create spacecraft resource

Create a registered spacecraft object on the Orbital portal by following the spacecraft registration instructions.

Request authorization of the new spacecraft resource

  1. Navigate to the newly created spacecraft resource's overview page.
  2. Select New support request in the Support + troubleshooting section of the left-hand blade.
  3. In the New support request page, enter or select this information in the Basics tab:
Field Value
Summary Request Authorization for [Spacecraft Name]
Issue type Select Technical
Subscription Select the subscription in which the spacecraft resource was created
Service Select My services
Service type Search for and select Azure Orbital
Problem type Select Spacecraft Management and Setup
Problem subtype Select Spacecraft Registration
  1. Select the Details tab at the top of the page
  2. In the Details tab, enter this information in the Problem details section:
Field Value
When did the problem start? Select the current date & time
Description List your spacecraft's frequency bands and desired partner network ground stations.
File upload Upload all pertinent spacecraft licensing material, ground station licensing material, partner network contract details, or partner POCs, if applicable.
  1. Complete the Advanced diagnostic information and Support method sections of the Details tab.

  2. Select the Review + create tab, or select the Review + create button.

  3. Select Create.


    A Basic Support Plan or higher is required for a spacecraft authorization request.

After the authorization request is generated, our regulatory team will investigate the request and validate the material. The partner network must inform Microsoft of the ground station license approval(s) to complete the spacecraft authorization. Once verified, we will enable your spacecraft to communicate with the partner network ground stations outlined in the request.

Confirm spacecraft is authorized

  1. In the Azure portal search box, enter Spacecraft. Select Spacecraft in the search results.
  2. In the Spacecraft page, select the newly registered spacecraft.
  3. In the new spacecraft's overview page, check that the Authorization status shows Allowed.

Next steps