Quickstart: Schedule a contact

Schedule a contact with the selected satellite for data retrieval/delivery on Azure Orbital. At the scheduled time, the selected ground station will contact the satellite and start data retrieval/delivery using the contact profile.


Sign in to Azure

Sign in to the Azure portal - Orbital.

Select an available contact

  1. In the Azure portal search box, enter Spacecraft. Select Spacecraft in the search results.

  2. In the Spacecraft page, select the spacecraft for the contact.

  3. Select Schedule contact on the top bar of the spacecraft’s overview.

    Schedule a contact at spacecraft resource page

  4. In the Schedule contact page, specify this information from the top of the page:

    Field Value
    Contact profile Specify the contact profile to be used for the contact
    Ground station Specify the ground station(s)
    Start time Identify a start time for the contact availability window
    End time Identify an end time for the contact availability window

    Search for available contact schedules page

  5. Select Search to view available contact times.

  6. Select one or more contact windows and select Schedule.

    Select an available contact schedule page

  7. View scheduled contacts by selecting on the spacecraft page, and navigating to Contacts.

    View scheduled contacts page

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