Troubleshooting NGINXaaS integration with Azure

You can get support for your NGINXaaS deployment through a New Support request. The procedure for creating the request is here. In addition, we have included other troubleshooting for problems you might experience in creating and using an NGINXaaS deployment.

Getting support

  1. To contact support about an NGINXaaS resource, select the resource in the Resource menu.

  2. Select the New Support request in Resource menu on the left.

  3. Select Raise a support ticket and fill out the details.

    Screenshot of a new NGINXaaS support ticket.


Unable to create an NGINXaaS resource as not a subscription owner

The NGINXaaS integration can only be set up by users who have Owner access on the Azure subscription. Ensure you have the appropriate Owner access before starting to set up this integration.

Next steps

Learn about managing your instance of NGINXaaS.