Tutorial: Accessing Peering Service connection telemetry

In this tutorial, you'll learn how to access telemetry for your Peering Service connections.

Connection telemetry provides insights collected for the connectivity between the customer's location and the Microsoft network. In this article, you'll learn how to view the latency report and prefix states for a specific Azure Peering Service connection.

To access Peering Service connection telemetry, you must create a Peering Service connection in the Azure portal. To learn how to create a connection, see Create a Peering Service connection - Azure portal.

View a latency report

To view a latency report for a specific Peering Service connection, follow these steps.

  1. Select All resources in the left pane, and select the Peering Service connection. Then select Open under Prefixes.

    Select the Peering Service connection

  2. A latency report page for all the prefixes associated with that Peering Service connection appears. The Peering service connections supports latency data for /24 or bigger prefixes only.

    Latency report page

  3. By default, the report is updated for every hour that's displayed on this page. To view the report for different timelines, choose the appropriate option from Show data for last.

View Prefix state report

  1. To view events for a specific prefix, select the prefix name and select Prefix Events in the left pane. The events that are captured are displayed.

    Prefix Events

Some of the possible events that are captured in the Prefix Events list are shown here.

Prefix events Event type Reasoning
PrefixAnnouncementEvent Information Prefix announcement was received
PrefixWithdrawalEvent Warning Prefix withdrawal was received
PrefixBackupRouteAnnouncementEvent Information Prefix backup route announcement was received
PrefixBackupRouteWithdrawalEvent Warning Prefix backup route withdrawal was received
PrefixActivePath Information Current prefix active route
PrefixBackupPath Information Current prefix backup route
PrefixOriginAsChangeEvent Critical Exact prefix received with different origin autonomous system number (for active route)
PrefixBackupRouteOriginAsChangeEvent Error Prefix received with different origin autonomous system number (for backup route)

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