Manage resources created for the VM move

This article describes how to manage resources that are created explicitly by Azure Resource Mover to facilitate the VM move process.

After moving VMs across regions, there are a number of resources created by Resource Mover that should be cleaned up manually.

Delete resources created for VM move

Manually delete the move collection, and Site Recovery resources created for the VM move.

  1. Review the resources in resource group ResourceMoverRG-<sourceregion>-<target-region>-<metadataRegionShortName>.

  2. Check that the VM and all other source resources in the move collection have been moved/deleted. This ensures that there are no pending resources using them.

  3. Delete these resources.

    • The move collection name is movecollection-<sourceregion>-<target-region>-<metadata-region>.
    • The cache storage account name is resmovecache<guid>
    • The vault name is ResourceMove-<sourceregion>-<target-region>-GUID.

Next steps

Try moving a VM to another region with Resource Mover.