Chapter 2 - Installation and use of Azure RTOS TraceX

This chapter contains a description of various issues related to installation, setup, and usage of the Azure RTOS TraceX system analysis tool.

Product Distribution

You can obtain the TraceX app from the Microsoft App Store by searching for TraceX, or by going directly to the TraceX page. Then do the following.

  1. From the TraceX page in the App Store, click the Get or Install button to install TraceX.

  2. Your browser may display a message asking if you want to open the Microsoft Store, as shown in the figure below. If it does, choose the Open button. Choose Open to install TraceX.

  3. When the install finishes, choose the Launch button.

Using TraceX

Using TraceX is as easy as opening a trace file inside TraceX! Run TraceX via the Start button. At this point you will observe the TraceX graphic user interface (GUI). You are now ready to use TraceX to graphically view an existing target trace buffer. This is easily done by clicking File -> Open, then entering the binary trace file.


You can also double-click on any trace file with an extension of trx, which will automatically launch TraceX.

Screenshot of the TraceX GUI.



Refer to Chapter 5 for instructions on how to generate trace buffers on the target using ThreadX.

TraceX Examples

The first time you run the TraceX application, or when the TraceX application is updated, you will be prompted to install the TraceX example trace files and the custom_events.trxc file to a user-defined directory on your local machine.

After this installation step in completed, the example trace files with the extension trx are found in the TraceFiles subdirectory of your installation folder. These pre-built examples will help you get comfortable with using TraceX on the trace buffers generated by ThreadX running with your application.

One example trace file always present is the file demo_threadx.trx. This example trace file shows the execution of the standard ThreadX demo, as described in Chapter 6 of the ThreadX User Guide.

Screenshot of the open dialog in TraceX.