View post-deployment cost analysis for SAP system

In this how-to guide, you'll learn how to view the running cost of your SAP systems through the Virtual Instance for SAP solutions (VIS) resource in Azure Center for SAP solutions.

After you deploy or register an SAP system as a VIS resource, you can view the cost of running that SAP system on the VIS resource's page. This feature shows the post-deployment running costs in the context of your SAP system. When you have Azure resources of multiple SAP systems in a single resource group, you no longer need to analyze the cost for each system. Instead, you can easily view the system-level cost from the VIS resource.

How does cost analysis work?

When you deploy infrastructure for a new SAP system with Azure Center for SAP solutions or register an existing system with Azure Center for SAP solutions, the costanalysis-parent tag is added to all virtual machines (VMs), disks, and load balancers related to that SAP system. The cost is determined by the total cost of all the Azure resources in the system with the costanalysis-parent tag. Whenever there are changes to the SAP system, such as the addition or removal of Application Server Instance VMs, tags are updated on the relevant Azure resources.


If you register an existing SAP system as a VIS, the cost analysis only shows data after the time of registration. Even if some infrastructure resources might have been deployed before the registration, the cost analysis tags aren't applied to historical data.

The following Azure resources aren't included in the SAP system-level cost analysis. This list includes some resources that might be shared across multiple SAP systems.

  • Virtual networks
  • Storage accounts
  • Azure NetApp files (ANF)
  • Azure key vaults
  • Azure Monitor for SAP solutions resources
  • Azure Backup resources

Cost and usage data is typically available within 8-24 hours. As such, your VIS resource can take 8-24 hours to start showing cost analysis data.

View cost analysis

To view the post-deployment costs of running an SAP system registered as a VIS resource:

  1. Sign in to the Azure portal.
  2. Search for and select Azure Center for SAP solutions in the Azure portal's search bar.
  3. Select Virtual Instance for SAP solutions in the sidebar menu.
  4. Select a VIS resource that is either successfully deployed or registered.
  5. Select Cost Analysis in the sidebar menu.
  6. To change the cost analysis from table view to a chart view, select the Column (grouped) option.

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