Productivity tools - Azure Cognitive Search

Productivity tools are built by engineers at Microsoft, but aren't part of the Azure Cognitive Search service and aren't under Service Level Agreement (SLA). These tools are provided as source code that you can download, modify, and build to create an app that helps you develop or maintain a search solution.

Tool name Description Source code
Azure Cognitive Search Lab readme Connects to your search service with a Web UI that exercises the full REST API, including the ability to edit a live search index.
Back up and Restore readme Download a populated search index to your local device and then upload the index and its content to a new search service.
Knowledge Mining Accelerator readme Code and docs to jump start a knowledge store using your data.
Performance testing readme This solution helps you load test Azure Cognitive Search. It uses Apache JMeter as an open source load and performance testing tool and Terraform to dynamically provision and destroy the required infrastructure on Azure.
Visual Studio Code extension Although the extension is no longer available in the Visual Studio Code Marketplace, the code is open sourced at You can clone and modify the tool for your own use.