Advanced Security Information Model (ASIM) helper functions (Public preview)

Advanced Security Information Model (ASIM) helper functions extend the KQL language providing functionality that helps interact with normalized data and in writing parsers.

Enrichment lookup functions

Enrichment lookup functions provide an easy method of looking up known values, based on their numerical representation. Such functions are useful as events often use the short form numeric code, while users prefer the textual form. Most of the functions have two forms:

The lookup version is a scalar function that accepts as input the numeric code and returns the textual form. Use the following KQL snippet with the lookup version:

| extend ProtocolName = _ASIM_LookupNetworkProtocol (ProtocolNumber)

The resolve version is a tabular function that:

  • Is used a KQL pipeline operator.
  • Accepts as input the name of the field holding the value to look up.
  • Sets the ASIM fields typically holding both the input value and the resulting lookup value.

Use the following KQL snippet with the resolve version:

| invoke _ASIM_ResolveNetworkProtocol (`ProtocolNumber`)

Which will automatically populate the NetworkProtocol field with the result of the lookup.

The resolve version is preferable for use in ASIM parsers, while the lookup version is useful in general purpose queries. When an enrichment lookup function has to return more than one value, it will always use the resolve format.

Lookup type functions

Function Input* Output Description
_ASIM_LookupDnsQueryType Numeric DNS query type code Query type name Translate a numeric DNS resource record (RR) type to its name, as defined by IANA
_ASIM_LookupDnsResponseCode Numeric DNS response code Response code name Translate a numeric DNS response code (RCODE) to its name, as defined by IANA
_ASIM_LookupICMPType Numeric ICMP type ICMP type name Translate a numeric ICMP type to its name, as defined by IANA
_ASIM_LookupNetworkProtocol IP protocol number IP protocol name Translate a numeric IP protocol code to its name, as defined by IANA

Resolve type functions

The resolve format functions perform the same action as their lookup counterpart, but accept a field name, provided as a string constant, as input and set up predefined fields as output. The input value is also assigned to a predefined field.

Function Extended fields
_ASIM_ResolveDnsQueryType - DnsQueryType for the input value
- DnsQueryTypeName for the output value
_ASIM_ResolveDnsResponseCode - DnsResponseCode for the input value
- DnsResponseCodeName for the output value
_ASIM_ResolveICMPType - NetworkIcmpCode for the input value
- NetworkIcmpType for the lookup value
_ASIM_ResolveNetworkProtocol - NetworkProtocolNumber for the input value
- NetworkProtocol for the lookup value

Parser helper functions

The following functions perform tasks which are common in parsers and useful to accelerate parser development.

Device resolution functions

The device resolution functions analyze a hostname and determine whether it has domain information and the type of domain notation. The functions then populate the relevant ASIM fields representing a device. All the functions are resolve type functions and accept the name of the field containing the hostname, represented as a string, as input.

Function Extended fields Description
_ASIM_ResolveFQDN - ExtractedHostname
- Domain
- DomainType
Analyzes the value in the field specified and set the output fields accordingly. For more information, see example in the article about developing parsers.
_ASIM_ResolveSrcFQDN - SrcHostname
- SrcDomain
- SrcDomainType
Similar to _ASIM_ResolveFQDN, but sets the Src fields
_ASIM_ResolveDstFQDN - DstHostname
- DstDomain
- DstDomainType
Similar to _ASIM_ResolveFQDN, but sets the Dst fields
_ASIM_ResolveDvcFQDN - DvcHostname
- DvcDomain
- DvcDomainType
Similar to _ASIM_ResolveFQDN, but sets the Dvc fields

Source identification functions

The _ASIM_GetSourceBySourceType function retrieves the list of sources associated with a source type provided as input from the SourceBySourceType Watchlist. The function is intended for use by parsers writers. For more information, see Filtering by source type using a Watchlist.

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This article discusses the Advanced Security Information Model (ASIM) help functions.

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