Update Microsoft Sentinel's SAP data connector agent

This article shows you how to update an already existing Microsoft Sentinel for SAP data connector to its latest version.

If you have a Docker container already running with an earlier version of the SAP data connector, run the SAP data connector update script to get the latest features available.

Update SAP data connector agent

Make sure that you have the most recent versions of the relevant deployment scripts from the Microsoft Sentinel GitHub repository.


wget -O sapcon-instance-update.sh https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Azure/Azure-Sentinel/master/Solutions/SAP/sapcon-instance-update.sh && bash ./sapcon-instance-update.sh

The SAP data connector Docker container on your machine is updated.

Be sure to check for any other available updates, such as:

Next steps

Learn more about the Microsoft Sentinel Solution for SAP:


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For more information, see Microsoft Sentinel solutions.