Configure Resource Health alerts in the Azure portal

This article shows you how to set up activity log alerts for resource health notifications in the Azure portal.

Azure Resource Health keeps you informed about the current and historical health status of your Azure resources. Azure Resource Health alerts can notify you in near real-time when these resources have a change in their health status. Creating Resource Health alerts programmatically allow for users to create and customize alerts in bulk.

Resource health notifications are stored in the Azure activity log Given the possibly large volume of information stored in the activity log, there is a separate user interface to make it easier to view and set up alerts on resource health notifications. You can receive an alert when Azure resource sends resource health notifications to your Azure subscription. You can configure the alert based on:

  • The subscription affected.
  • The resource(s) type(s) affected.
  • The resource group(s) affected.
  • The resource(s) affected.
  • The event status(s) of the resource(s) affected.
  • The resource(s) affected statuses.
  • The reason(s) type(s) of the resource(s) affected.

You also can configure who the alert should be sent to:

  • Select an existing action group.
  • Create a new action group (that can be used for future alerts).

To learn more about action groups, see Create and manage action groups.

For information on how to configure resource health notification alerts by using Azure Resource Manager templates, see Resource Manager templates. Resource Health Alert using Azure portal

Create a Resource Health alert rule in the Azure portal

  1. In the Azure portal, select Service Health.

    Service Health Selection

  2. In the Resource Health section, select Service Health.

  3. Select Add resource health alert.

  4. The Create an alert rule wizard opens to the Conditions tab, with the Scope tab already populated. Follow the steps for Resource Health alerts, starting from the Conditions tab, in the create a new alert rule wizard.

Next steps

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