Azure Spring Apps API breaking changes


Azure Spring Apps is the new name for the Azure Spring Cloud service. Although the service has a new name, you'll see the old name in some places for a while as we work to update assets such as screenshots, videos, and diagrams.

This article applies to: ✔️ Basic/Standard tier ✔️ Enterprise tier

This article describes breaking changes introduced into the Azure Spring Apps API.

The Azure Spring Apps service releases the new stable API version 2022-04-01. The new API version introduces breaking changes based on the previous stable API version 2020-07-01. We suggest that you update your API calls to the new API version.

Previous API deprecation date

The previous API version 2020-07-01 will not be supported starting April, 2025.

API breaking changes from 2020-07-01 to 2022-04-01

Deprecate number value CPU and MemoryInGB in Deployments

Deprecate field properties.deploymentSettings.cpu and properties.deploymentSettings.memoryInGB in the Spring/Apps/Deployments resource. Use properties.deploymentSettings.resourceRequests.cpu and properties.deploymentSettings.resourceRequests.memory instead.

RBAC role change for blue-green deployment

Deprecate field properties.activeDeploymentName in the Spring/Apps resource. Use POST/SUBSCRIPTIONS/RESOURCEGROUPS/PROVIDERS/MICROSOFT.APPPLATFORM/SPRING/APPS/SETACTIVEDEPLOYMENTS for blue-green deployment. This action needs a separate RBAC role spring/apps/setActiveDeployments/action to perform.

Move options from different property bags for the Spring/Apps/Deployments resource

  • Deprecate properties.createdTime. Use systemData.createdAt.
  • Deprecate properties.deploymentSettings.jvmOptions. Use properties.source.jvmOptions.
  • Deprecate properties.deploymentSettings.jvmOptions. Use properties.source.runtimeVersion.
  • Deprecate properties.deploymentSettings.netCoreMainEntryPath. Use properties.source.netCoreMainEntryPath.
  • Deprecate properties.appName, which you can extract from id.

Updates in the Azure CLI extension

Add new RBAC role for blue-green deployment

You need to add RBAC role spring/apps/setActiveDeployments/action to perform the following Azure CLI commands:

az spring app set-deployment \
    --resource-group <resource-group-name> \
    --service <service-instance-name> \
    --name <app-name> \
    --deployment <deployment-name>
az spring app unset-deployment \
    --resource-group <resource-group-name> \
    --service <service-instance-name> \
    --name <app-name>

Output updates

If you're using the Azure CLI spring-cloud extension with a version lower than 3.0.0, and you want to upgrade the extension version or migrate to the spring extension, then you should take care of the following output updates.

  • az spring app command output: Remove properties.activeDeploymentName. Use instead.
  • az spring app command output: Remove properties.createdTime. Use systemData.createdAt instead.
  • az spring app command output: Remove Use instead.
  • az spring app command output: Remove Use instead.
  • az spring app command output: Remove Use instead.
  • az spring app command output: Remove Use instead.
  • az spring app command output: Remove Use instead.