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Azure Spring Apps is the new name for the Azure Spring Cloud service. Although the service has a new name, you'll see the old name in some places for a while as we work to update assets such as screenshots, videos, and diagrams.

This article applies to: ❌ Basic/Standard tier ✔️ Enterprise tier

This article describes the Azure Marketplace offer and license requirements for the VMware Taznu components in the Enterprise tier in Azure Spring Apps.

Enterprise tier and VMware Tanzu components

The Azure Spring Apps Enterprise tier is optimized for the needs of enterprise Spring developers and provides advanced configurability, flexibility, and portability. Azure Spring Apps also provides the enterprise-ready VMware Spring Runtime with 24/7 support in a strong partnership with VMware. You can learn more about the tier's value propositions in the Enterprise plan section of What is Azure Spring Apps?

Because the Enterprise tier provides feature parity with the Standard tier, it provides a rich set of features that include app lifecycle management, monitoring, and troubleshooting.

The Enterprise tier provides the following managed VMware Tanzu components that empower enterprises to ship faster:

  • Tanzu Build Service
  • Application Configuration Service for Tanzu
  • Tanzu Service Registry
  • Spring Cloud Gateway for Tanzu
  • API portal for VMware Tanzu
  • Application Live View for VMware Tanzu
  • Application Accelerator for VMware Tanzu

The pricing for Azure Spring Apps Enterprise tier is composed of the following two parts:

  • Infrastructure pricing, set by Microsoft, based on vCPU and memory usage of apps and managed Tanzu components.
  • Tanzu component licensing pricing, set by VMware, based on vCPU usage of apps.

For more information about pricing, see Azure Spring Apps pricing.

To provide the best customer experience to manage the Tanzu component license purchasing and metering, VMware creates an Azure Spring Apps Enterprise offer in Azure Marketplace. This offer represents a Tanzu component license that is automatically purchased on behalf of customers during the creation of an Azure Spring Apps Enterprise tier instance.

Under this implicit Azure Marketplace third-party offer purchase from VMware, your personal data and application vCPU usage data is shared with VMware. You agree to this data sharing when you agree to the marketplace terms upon creating the service instance.

To purchase the Tanzu component license successfully, the billing account of your subscription must be included in one of the locations listed in the Supported geographic locations of billing account section. Because of tax management restrictions from VMware in some countries, not all countries are supported.

The extra license fees apply only to the Enterprise tier. In the Azure Spring Apps Standard tier, there are no extra license fees because the managed Spring components use the OSS config server and Eureka server. No other third-party license fees are required.

On the Azure Spring Apps Enterprise offer page in Azure Marketplace, you can review the Tanzu component license pricing as shown in the following image.

Screenshot of Azure Marketplace showing the Azure Spring Apps Enterprise tier VMware Tanzu offering.

You can use the Azure portal or the Azure CLI to provision an Azure Spring Apps Enterprise tier service instance. You can also select Subscribe on the Azure Marketplace offer page to create the service instance. Azure Marketplace redirects you to the Azure Spring Apps creation page.


You must understand and fulfill the following requirements to successfully create an instance of Azure Spring Apps Enterprise tier when purchasing the Azure Marketplace offer.

Supported geographic locations of billing account

To successfully purchase the Azure Spring Apps Enterprise offer on Azure Marketplace, your Azure subscription must belong to a billing account in a supported geographic location defined in the offer.

The following table lists each supported geographic location and its ISO 3166 two-digit alpha code.

Country/Region Name ISO-2
Armenia AM
Austria AT
Belarus BY
Belgium BE
Bulgaria BG
Canada CA
Chile CL
Colombia CO
Croatia HR
Cyprus CY
Czechia CZ
Denmark DK
Estonia EE
Finland FI
France FR
Germany DE
Greece GR
Hungary HU
Iceland IS
India IN
Indonesia ID
Ireland IE
Italy IT
Korea KE
Latvia LV
Liechtenstein LI
Lithuania LT
Luxembourg LU
Malaysia MY
Malta MT
Monaco MC
Netherlands NL
New Zealand NZ
Nigeria NG
Norway NO
Poland PL
Portugal PT
Puerto Rico PR
Romania RO
Russia RU
Saudi Arabia SA
Serbia RS
Singapore SG
Slovakia SK
Slovenia SI
South Africa ZA
Spain ES
Sweden SE
Switzerland CH
Taiwan TW
Thailand TH
Türkiye TR
United Arab Emirates AE
United Kingdom GB
United States US

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