Azure Static Web Apps diagnostics overview

If you encounter issues with your Azure Static Web Apps instance, the diagnose and solve feature can guide you through steps to troubleshoot problems.

Diagnostics for your static web app are accessible directly from the Azure portal, with no configuration required.

Although these diagnostics are most helpful for issues that have occurred in the last 24 hours, all the diagnostic data remains available for analysis.


You have access to diagnostic data in these categories:

Category Description Examples
Availability and performance Health and performance data Service uptime, site hits, platform health
Configuration and Management Application configuration data Configuration of Static Web Apps features, custom authentication information
Content Deployment Content deployment data Deployments

View diagnostics

  1. From the Azure portal, go to your static web app.

  2. Select Diagnose and solve problems.

From the diagnostics window you can filter diagnostic categories, or select one from the list.


Selecting a detector reveals a series of visualization for the diagnostic data. The following screenshot is an example of the availability and performance report.

Screenshot of Azure Static Web Apps diagnostics chart.

Next steps