Configure front-end frameworks and libraries with Azure Static Web Apps

The Azure Static Web Apps requires that you have the appropriate configuration values in the build configuration file for your front-end framework or library.


The following table lists the settings for a series of frameworks and libraries1.

The intent of the table columns is explained by the following items:

Framework App artifact location Custom build command
Alpine.js / n/a 2
Angular dist/<APP_NAME>

If you do not include an <APP_NAME>, remove the trailing slash.
npm run build -- --configuration production
Angular Universal dist/<APP_NAME>/browser npm run prerender
Astro dist n/a
Aurelia dist n/a
Backbone.js / n/a
Blazor wwwroot n/a
Ember dist n/a
Flutter build/web flutter build web
Framework7 www npm run build-prod
Glimmer dist n/a
HTML / n/a
Hugo public n/a
Hyperapp / n/a
JavaScript / n/a
jQuery / n/a
KnockoutJS dist n/a
LitElement dist n/a
Marko public n/a
Meteor bundle n/a
Mithril dist n/a
Next.js (Static HTML Export) out n/a
Next.js (Hybrid Rendering) n/a n/a
Polymer build/default n/a
Preact build n/a
React build n/a
RedwoodJS web/dist yarn rw build web
Stencil www n/a
Svelte public n/a
Three.js / n/a
TypeScript dist n/a
Vue.js dist n/a

1 The above table is not meant to be an exhaustive list of frameworks and libraries that work with Azure Static Web Apps.

2 Not applicable

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