BlobFuse2 completion command

Use the blobfuse2 completion command to generate the autocompletion script for BlobFuse2 for a specified shell.


blobfuse2 completion [command] --[flag-name]=[flag-value]



The supported subcommands for blobfuse2 completion are:

Command Description
bash Generate the autocompletion script for bash
fish Generate the autocompletion script for fish
powershell Generate the autocompletion script for PowerShell
zsh Generate the autocompletion script for zsh

Select one of the command links in the table above to view the documentation for the individual subcommands, including how to use the generated script.

Flags (options)

Flags that apply to blobfuse2 completion are inherited from the parent command, blobfuse2, or apply only to the blobfuse2 completion subcommands.

Flags inherited from the BlobFuse2 command

The following flags are inherited from parent command blobfuse2:

Flag Short version Value type Default value Description
disable-version-check boolean false Enables or disables automatic version checking of the BlobFuse2 binaries
help -h n/a Help info for the blobfuse2 command and subcommands

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