Use the StorSimple Device Manager service to administer your StorSimple device


ACTION REQUIRED: StorSimple Data Manager, StorSimple Device Manager, StorSimple 1200, and StorSimple 8000 have reached their end of support. End of support details were published in 2019 on the Microsoft Lifecycle Policy and Azure Communications pages. Additional notifications were also sent via email and posted on the Azure portal and StorSimple documentation site. Contact Microsoft Support for additional details.


This article describes the StorSimple Device Manager service interface, including how to connect to it, the various options available, and links out to the specific workflows that can be performed via this UI. This guidance is applicable to both; the StorSimple physical device and the cloud appliance.

After reading this article, you will learn to:

  • Connect to StorSimple Device Manager service
  • Administer your StorSimple device via the StorSimple Device Manager service

Connect to StorSimple Device Manager service

The StorSimple Device Manager service runs in Microsoft Azure and connects to multiple StorSimple devices. You use a central Microsoft Azure portal running in a browser to manage these devices. To connect to the StorSimple Device Manager service, do the following.

To connect to the service

  1. Navigate to
  2. Using your Microsoft account credentials, log on to the Microsoft Azure portal (located at the top-right of the pane).
  3. Scroll down the left navigation pane to access the StorSimple Device Manager service.

Administer StorSimple device using StorSimple Device Manager service

The following table shows a summary of all the common management tasks and complex workflows that can be performed within the StorSimple Device Manager service UI. These tasks are organized based on the UI blades on which they are initiated.

For more information about each workflow, click the appropriate procedure in the table.


If you see the following warning, you must update the software on the devices before proceeding:

One or more StorSimple devices are running an older software version. The latest available update for TLS 1.2 is a mandatory update and should be installed immediately on these devices. TLS 1.2 is used for all Azure portal communication and without this update, the device won’t be able to communicate with the StorSimple service.

StorSimple Device Manager workflows

If you want to do this ... Use this procedure.
Create a service
Delete a service
Get service registration key
Regenerate service registration key
Deploy a StorSimple Device Manager service
View the activity logs Use the StorSimple Device Manager service summary
Change the service data encryption key
View the operation logs
Use the StorSimple Device Manager service dashboard
Deactivate a device
Delete a device
Deactivate or delete a device
Learn about disaster recovery and device failover
Failover to a physical device
Failover to a virtual device
Business continuity disaster recovery (BCDR)
Failover and disaster recovery for your StorSimple device
List backups for a volume
Select a backup set
Delete a backup set
Manage backups
Clone a volume Clone a volume
Restore a backup set Restore a backup set
About storage accounts
Add a storage account
Edit a storage account
Delete a storage account
Key rotation of storage accounts
Manage storage accounts
About bandwidth templates
Add a bandwidth template
Edit a bandwidth template
Delete a bandwidth template
Use a default bandwidth template
Create an all-day bandwidth template that starts at a specified time
Manage bandwidth templates
About access control records
Create an access control record
Edit an access control record
Delete an access control record
Manage access control records
View job details
Cancel a job
Manage jobs
Receive alert notifications
Manage alerts
Review alerts
View and manage StorSimple alerts
Create monitoring charts Monitor your StorSimple device
Add a volume container
Modify a volume container
Delete a volume container
Manage volume containers
Add a volume
Modify a volume
Take a volume offline
Delete a volume
Monitor a volume
Manage volumes
Modify device settings
Modify time settings
Modify settings
Configure network interfaces
Modify device configuration for your StorSimple device
View web proxy settings Configure web proxy for your device
Modify device administrator password
Modify StorSimple Snapshot Manager password
Change StorSimple passwords
Configure remote management Connect remotely to your StorSimple device
Configure alert settings View and manage StorSimple alerts
Configure CHAP for your StorSimple device Configure CHAP for your StorSimple device
Add a backup policy
Add or modify a schedule
Delete a backup policy
Take a manual backup
Create a custom backup policy with multiple volumes and schedules
Manage backup policies
Stop device controllers
Restart device controllers
Shut down device controllers
Reset your device to factory defaults
(Above are for on-premises device only)
Manage StorSimple device controller
Learn about StorSimple hardware components
Monitor hardware status
(Above are for on-premises device only)
Monitor hardware components
Create a support package Create and manage a Support package
Install software updates Update your device

Next steps

If you experience any issues with the day-to-day operation of your StorSimple device or with any of its hardware components, refer to:

If you cannot resolve the issues and you need to create a service request, refer to Contact Microsoft Support.