Data integration in Azure Synapse Analytics versus Azure Data Factory

In Azure Synapse Analytics, the data integration capabilities such as Synapse pipelines and data flows are based upon those of Azure Data Factory. For more information, see what is Azure Data Factory.

Available features in ADF & Azure Synapse Analytics

Check below table for features availability:

Category Feature Azure Data Factory Azure Synapse Analytics
Integration Runtime Support for Cross-region Integration Runtime (Data Flows)
Integration Runtime Sharing
Can be shared across different data factories
Pipelines Activities Support for Power Query Activity
Support for global parameters
Template Gallery and Knowledge center Solution Templates
Azure Data Factory Template Gallery

Synapse Workspace Knowledge center
GIT Repository Integration GIT Integration
Monitoring Monitoring of Spark Jobs for Data Flow
Leverage the Synapse Spark pools

Next steps

Get started with data integration in your Synapse workspace by learning how to ingest data into an Azure Data Lake Storage gen2 account.