Connect Azure Time Series Insights Gen 2 to Power BI


The Time Series Insights (TSI) service will no longer be supported after March 2025. Consider migrating existing TSI environments to alternative solutions as soon as possible. For more information on the deprecation and migration, visit our documentation.

Are you looking for a solution to help correlate your time-series data, create vivid visualizations, and share insights across your organization?

Azure Time Series Insights now seamlessly integrates with Power BI, providing you with more powerful visualization and dashboarding capabilities over your streaming data and allows you to share insights and results across your organization.


Learn more about integrating Azure Time Series Insights with Power BI.


Export option in Azure Time Series Insights

By connecting your data to Power BI, you can now:

  • Perform correlations with other data sources supported by Power BI and access a host of different data visualization options.
  • Create Power BI dashboards and reports using your Time Series Insight data, and share them with your organization.
  • Unlock data interop scenarios in a simple, easy-to-use manner, and get to insights faster than ever.
  • Modify Azure Time Series Insights data within Power BI using the powerful Advanced Editor.

Native connector

Connecting your data takes less than a minute. By quickly exporting your view from Azure Time Series Insights Explorer to Power BI, anyone in your organization can intuitively access and visually transform data.

Configuration options include choosing between Raw and Aggregate-level data and selecting a desired time range.

Once data has been connected, all of Power BI's rich visualization and charting tools are available to further enhance your information sharing capabilities.

Charting examples in Power BI

Read how to connect Azure Time Series Insights to Power BI for step-by-step specifics.

Flexible workflow

Use the connector from anywhere in your workflow:

  • If you are in Azure Time Series Insights Explorer, you can quickly export your view to Power BI.
  • If you are already in Power BI, augment your existing visualization scenarios using Azure Time Series Insights to query data.

For advanced querying and editing functionality within Power BI, use Power BI’s Advanced Editor.

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