You can use the script to set up a new deployer VM in the control plane.

Syntax [ --parameterfile ] <String> 
[-i | --auto-approve]


The script sets up a new deployer in the control plane.

The deployer VM has installation of Ansible and Terraform. You use the deployer VM to deploy the SAP artifacts.


Example 1 --parameterfile MGMT-WEEU-DEP00-INFRASTRUCTURE.tfvars



Sets the parameter file for the deployer VM. For more information, see Configuring the control plane.

Type: String
Aliases: `-p`

Required: True


Enables silent deployment.

Type: SwitchParameter
Aliases: `-i`

Required: False


Shows help for the script.

Type: SwitchParameter
Aliases: `-h`

Required: False


v0.9 - Initial version

Copyright (c) Microsoft Corporation. Licensed under the MIT license.

GitHub repository: SAP on Azure Deployment Automation Framework