Storage Explorer Accessibility

Screen Readers

Storage Explorer supports the use of a screen reader on Windows and Mac. The following screen readers are recommended for each platform:

Platform Screen Reader
Windows NVDA
Mac Voice Over
Linux (screen readers are not supported on Linux)

If you run into an accessibility issue when using Storage Explorer, please open an issue on GitHub.


You can make the text in Storage Explorer larger via zooming in. To zoom in, click on Zoom In in the Help menu. You can also use the Help menu to zoom out and reset the zoom level back to the default level.

Zoom options in the help menu

The zoom setting increases the size of most UI elements. It is recommended to also enable large text and zoom settings for your OS to ensure that all UI elements are properly scaled.

High Contrast Themes

Storage Explorer has two high contrast themes, High Contrast Light and High Contrast Dark. You can change your theme by selecting in from the Help > Themes menu.

Themes sub menu

The theme setting changes the color of most UI elements. It is recommended to also enable your OS' matching high contrast theme to ensure that all UI elements are properly colored.

Shortcut Keys

Window Commands

Command Keyboard shortcut
New Window Control+Shift+N
Close Editor Control+F4
Quit Control+Shift+W
Command Keyboard shortcut
Focus Next Panel F6
Focus Previous Panel Shift+F6
Explorer Control+Shift+E
Account Management Control+Shift+A
Toggle Side Bar Control+B
Activity Log Control+Shift+L
Actions and Properties Control+Shift+P
Current Editor Control+Home
Next Editor Control+Page Down
Previous Editor Control+Page Up

Zoom Commands

Command Keyboard shortcut
Zoom In Control+=
Zoom Out Control+-

Blob and File Share Editor Commands

Command Keyboard shortcut
Back Alt+Left Arrow
Forward Alt+Right Arrow
Up Alt+Up Arrow

Editor Commands

Command Keyboard shortcut
Copy Control+C
Cut Control+X
Paste Control+V
Refresh Control+R

Other Commands

Command Keyboard shortcut
Toggle Developer Tools F12
Reload Alt+Control+R