Configuration Property Variable Types

The adapter configuration properties in a TransportTypeData\CustomProps node of a binding file adhere to the data types available in the .NET Framework VarEnum enumeration. Relevant data types are listed in the table below:

Member Name Description Value
VT_EMPTY Indicates that a value was not specified. 0
VT_NULL Indicates a null value, similar to a null value in SQL. 1
VT_I2 Indicates a short integer. 2
VT_I4 Indicates a long integer. 3
VT_R4 Indicates a float value. 4
VT_R8 Indicates a double value. 5
VT_CY Indicates a currency value. 6
VT_DATE Indicates a DATE value. 7
VT_BSTR Indicates a BSTR string. 8
VT_DISPATCH Indicates an IDispatch pointer. 9
VT_ERROR Indicates an SCODE. 10
VT_BOOL Indicates a Boolean value. 11
VT_VARIANT Indicates a VARIANT far pointer. 12
VT_UNKNOWN Indicates an IUnknown pointer. 13
VT_DECIMAL Indicates a decimal value. 14
VT_I1 Indicates a char value. 16
VT_UI1 Indicates a byte. 17
VT_UI2 Indicates an unsigned short. 18
VT_UI4 Indicates an unsigned long. 19
VT_I8 Indicates a 64-bit integer. 20
VT_UI8 Indicates an 64-bit unsigned integer. 21
VT_CLSID Indicates a class ID. 72
VT_ARRAY Indicates a SAFEARRAY pointer. 8192
VT_BYREF Indicates that a value is a reference. 16384