How to Determine Current Single Sign-On Access

One of the first tasks you might need to perform for a user is to determine what affiliated applications have already been set up for the current user. You can perform this query with a call to ISSOMapper.GetApplications.

To query the Single Sign-On database for the applications available to the current user

  1. Create a new instance of ISSOMapper.

    In general, ISSOMapper is an interface designed to retrieve information from Single Sign-On (SSO). You will most likely use ISSOMapper in many similar queries.

  2. Retrieve all applications that are affiliated with the current user by calling GetApplications.

    GetApplications automatically returns only the affiliated applications of the current user.

    The following code example demonstrates how to query the Single Sign-On database.

private static string[] Applications=null;  
. . .  
public static string[] GetCurrentUserApplications()  
      string[] descs;  
      string[] contacts;  
      ISSOMapper mapper=new ISSOMapper();  
      mapper.GetApplications(out Applications, out descs, out contacts);  
   return Applications;  

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