Importing BizTalk Applications, Bindings, and Policies

The topics in this section describe how to import BizTalk applications, bindings and policies into a BizTalk group or application. As mentioned in How to Export a BizTalk Application, exporting an application creates a Windows Installer (.msi) file that you can then use to import the application's artifacts into an application in a different BizTalk group. If the application that you specify for the import does not already exist in the group, the application is created. In addition, application's artifacts are registered and their data stored in the BizTalk databases of the group. For more information, see What Happens When Artifacts Are Imported.

You can also import into a BizTalk group or application the bindings that you exported from a BizTalk group, application, or assembly, as described in Exporting Bindings. When you import bindings, they overwrite any bindings of the same name in the BizTalk group, application, or assembly.

In addition, you can import a policy into a BizTalk group that you exported from a BizTalk group or application, as described in How to Export a Policy. Applications in the new group can then use the policy.

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