Table Looping Grid (Functoid Property)


Use the Table Looping Grid property to open the Configure Table Looping Functoid dialog box, in which you can configure a table of values, known as the "looping grid," associated with the corresponding Table Looping functoid.




The value of this property is the table of values configured in the Configure Table Looping Functoid dialog box. This table contains an arbitrary number of rows, configurable while editing the table, and a number of columns specified by the second input parameter to the corresponding Table Looping functoid, as configured in the Configure <Functoid> Functoid dialog box.

Each table cell is configured by using a drop-down list that is identical for each cell, where the entries in the drop-down list are the third through the last input parameters to the corresponding Table Looping functoid, as configured in the Configure <Functoid> Functoid dialog box. These input parameters consist of a combination of the links into the functoid and any constant input parameters that have been defined. If link input parameters have been given a Label property value, that value is shown in the drop-down lists; otherwise, the value of the Link Source property is shown (generally, the former is friendlier than the latter). Constant input parameters are shown according to their constant value.

The Configure <Functoid> Functoid dialog box also contains a check box labeled Gated. When this check box is selected, a given row of the table looping grid is processed (that is, the associated Table Extractor functoids are called for that row) only if the value of the first column of that row evaluates to True.


This property is available only for the Table Looping functoid, and is not enabled when any other type of functoid is selected.

For more information about how this property is used with the Table Looping functoid, see Table Looping and Table Extractor Functoids.

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