Tracking Profile Deployment Utility

Developers use the bttdeploy utility to apply tracking profiles to and remove them from the BAM infrastructure. Using the bttdeploy utility is functionally equivalent to clicking the Apply Tracking Profile menu option in the Tracking Profile Editor (TPE).


On a system that supports User Account Control (UAC), you may need to run the tool with Administrative privileges.


bttdeploy.exe [options] file name

Option Description
/h or /? Optional: Displays the syntax summary for bttdeploy.
/mgdb <server name[,port]>\<database name> Optional: Specifies the management server, port, and database name to which to apply the profile. Note: When using this parameter, the port is optional.
/remove Optional: Specifies that the tracking profile is to be removed from the BAM database.
filename The name of the tracking profile file to apply or remove.

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