BizTalk Server 2010 Operations Guide

Welcome to the Microsoft® BizTalk® Server 2010 Operations Guide. We created this guide to be a valuable resource for anyone involved in the implementation and administration of a BizTalk solution, particularly IT professionals.

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Which Versions of BizTalk Server Does the Guide Cover?

This guide caters to BizTalk Server and provides operational readiness information to help you jumpstart with your BizTalk Server setup.


To see the Operations Guide for BizTalk Server 2006 R2 or BizTalk Server 2006, see

Where Do I Start?

We organized the guide according to the functional aspects of planning, deploying, and managing a BizTalk Server installation. You can therefore read it according to these functional aspects. However, realizing that the checklists would be the most sought after information in the BizTalk Server Operations Guide, we have categorized all the checklists in the document in the following table for ease of accessibility.

Setting Up Your BizTalk Environment Setting Up a High Availability and Disaster Recovery Environment
- Checklist: Getting Started with BizTalk Server
- Checklist: Configuring Windows Server
- Checklist: Configuring Internet Information Services
- Checklist: Configuring SQL Server
- Checklist: Configuring BizTalk Server
- Checklist: Providing High Availability with Fault Tolerance or Load Balancing
- Checklist: Increasing Availability with Disaster Recovery
Monitoring, Testing, and Troubleshooting Performance and Maintenance
- Checklist: Monitoring Operational Readiness
- Checklist: Maintaining and Troubleshooting BizTalk Server Databases
- Checklist: Testing Operational Readiness
- Checklist: Monitoring BizTalk Server with Operations Manager 2007
- Checklist: Monitoring SQL Servers
Maintenance related checklists:

- Checklist: Performing Daily Maintenance Checks
- Checklist: Performing Weekly Maintenance Checks
- Checklist: Performing Monthly Maintenance Checks

Performance related checklists:

- Checklist: Performing Weekly Performance Checks
- Checklist: Performing Monthly Performance Checks
Checklists for Other Important Tasks
- Checklist: Deploying an Application
- Checklist: Exporting Bindings from One Application to Another
- Checklist: Updating an Assembly
- Checklist: Updating Artifacts in a BizTalk Application
- Checklist: Updating an Application Using Side-by-Side Versioning
- Checklist: Updating an Orchestration Using Side-by-Side Versioning
- Checklist: Installing and Configuring Certificates
- Checklist: Planning for Operations in a Secure Environment

If you are performing the following tasks, you can start with the related sections:

What's in It?

Guidance based on real-world experience. The idea for the guide originated with Microsoft field representatives, partner organizations, and customers who plan, deploy, and maintain BizTalk Server installations. This group of IT professionals has accumulated extensive hands-on experience with a diverse range of BizTalk solutions. As they gained experience they created checklists, best practices, and presentations to guide future BizTalk Server operations. We collected and organized this information to create the guide.

Key portions of this guide are new; however, a considerable portion refers to BizTalk Server Help, white papers, Knowledge Base articles, and other sources. It has been carefully reviewed and vetted by experts from the community of BizTalk Server IT professionals and members of the product development team, whom we gratefully acknowledge at the end of this topic. We believe that the information presented here will help BizTalk Server users solve, and above all, avoid many of the common problems that can occur while deploying and maintaining a BizTalk Server installation.


We in the BizTalk Server User Education team gratefully acknowledge the outstanding contributions of the following individuals for providing both technical feedback as well as a good deal of content for the BizTalk Server Operations Guide:

  • Paolo Salvatori, Tim Wieman