Checklist: Performing Daily Maintenance Checks

This topic describes some of the items that you should check on a daily basis to help monitor the status of a BizTalk Server system. You must perform most of these checks consistently and archive the results over a period of time to obtain the greatest benefit. We recommend that you automate routine maintenance checks whenever possible.

  • Check for failed disks in the hardware RAID (reliability check). For more information, go to:

  • Check for messages requiring manual intervention such as suspended messages (reliability check). For information about manually checking for suspended messages, see Investigating Orchestration, Port, and Message Failures.

  • Check for any errors or issues with the various databases associated with BizTalk Server, especially the MessageBox database.

    Run the BizTalk MsgBoxViewer tool available, which is included in the BizTalk Health Monitor. This tool analyzes the BizTalk MessageBox and other databases and generates an HTML report containing warnings, if any and other information related to the databases.

    • You can also save the reports for later use. These reports might be useful when troubleshooting issues with the BizTalk application.
    • Use of this tool is not supported by Microsoft, and Microsoft makes no guarantees about the suitability of this programs. Use of this program is entirely at your own risk.
  • Resolve issues, if any, identified by the BizTalk MsgBoxViewer tool.

    Run the Terminator tool, which is included in the BizTalk Health Monitor. This tool enables users to easily resolve any issues identified by the BizTalk MsgBoxViewer tool.

  • Check the event logs for errors and warnings (administration check). BizTalk Server errors and warning events are saved in the application log. The event source is "BizTalk Server".

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