Bonsai documentation

The Bonsai platform simplifies machine teaching with deep reinforcement learning so you can train and deploy smarter autonomous systems.

Learn more about the Plan phase

Identify your problem, requirements, and success criteria to plan and scope a training strategy and write an AI solution specification.

Learn more about the Assemble phase

Use the AI solution spec to assemble an appropriate training source for the Bonsai brain.

Learn more about the Design phase

Use the AI solution spec and model specifications to design a brain specification that will train your AI.

Learn more about the Train phase

Iterate on your model and brain specification to train the Bonsai brain and assess AI performance.

Learn more about the Deploy phase

Export, assess, and verify a fully trained brain version to deploy your trained Bonsai brain in the real world.

Learn more about the Evolve phase

Build on previous work to refine currently deployed brains, solve new challenges, and evolve your optimization solutions.