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Troubleshooting errors in business data or feature configuration often requires an additional level of insight beyond what is shown on the page. Power users and support staff can now inspect any page (or the page parts within a page), revealing the entire contents of the current record including fields that are not shown on the page.

Inspecting an Item factbox

Getting started

Start inspecting the page you are currently viewing in the desktop browser or Windows desktop app by choosing Inspect from the top menu or use the Ctrl+Alt+F1 keyboard shortcut.

An evolution of the toolset

Unlike its predecessor in Microsoft Dynamics NAV, commonly known as "About this Page," page inspection is an immersive and highly interactive, point-and-click experience that conveniently displays information alongside your page without interrupting how you interact with the page itself. Apart from the improved clarity on precisely what you are inspecting, you can now view which extensions affect the page and/or underlying table, and learn which pages and fields were added by those extensions.

Feature highlights

Depending on the page you are inspecting, some or all of the following is displayed:

  • The page or page part name and identifier.
  • The underlying table name and identifier.
  • The entire set of table fields for the current record, including their caption, value, field identifier, primary key indicator, and which extension has introduced them.
  • Which extensions extend the page or the underlying table.
  • Which filters are currently applied to the table.

Try it now

Inspect the full record data for one of the items that you offer, by signing in to your online environment at


Inspecting pages

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