Track the source of candidate profiles and applications


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As job markets become increasingly competitive, organizations need to be nimble and efficient in the way they source talent. Organizations need to be able to continuously monitor the effectiveness of various sourcing channels so that they can pivot and correct course as needed, investing monetary and human resources in channels that have the highest returns. Having a mechanism to keep track of the sources for candidate profiles and applications is a key capability for doing so.

This feature enables recruiters and admins to:

  • View the source of a candidate profile, tracing back to the origin of the candidate in Attract. How did the organization first learn about this candidate?
  • View the source of a specific application. Where did the applicant find out about this job and decide to apply?
  • Automatically track source information from candidate profiles and applications from sources such as the Attract career site, social media posts, and LinkedIn.
  • Add and edit source information for a candidate's profile or that of a specific application.

For more information about source tracking, see Track sources for candidate profiles and applications.