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Portal development involves several configurations and customizations to achieve a desired experience for portal end users. To reduce the time and effort required to manage portal configuration across environments, we are publishing schema for configuration migration that works with the Configuration Migration SDK tool.

Portal customizers use various ways, including creation of schema files from scratch, for the Configuration Migration SDK tool to move configurations to different environments, typically development, test, and production. Creating schema from scratch can be time-consuming, sometimes causing partial data migration, and can be error-prone.

All Configuration Migration SDK tool capabilities can be used with this schema to manage portal configuration:

  • Create schema: The schema can be tailored for the implementation using standard ways provided by the tool. Schema files can be loaded in the tool and altered to add, remove, and modify entities, attributes, and so on to suit configuration migration needs.
  • Export data: Use the schema file to export data from an environment into a .zip file, and use it for backup, source control, or importing into a target environment.
  • Import data: Use the exported data to import into a target environment.

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Migrate Dynamics 365 Portal configuration