Microsoft Build 2020: A new level of digital skilling with Microsoft Learn

Posted 18 May 2020 by Alex Payne, GM, Global Technical Learning at Microsoft Worldwide Learning

As developers come together to help the world solve new challenges—sharing knowledge and staying connected is more important than ever. Join your community to learn, connect, and code—to expand your skillset today, and innovate for tomorrow at Microsoft Build. Microsoft Build will be a continuous, 48-hour digital event with around-the-clock programming beginning May 19, 2020 at 8am PDT. This is a unique opportunity to infuse learning into the entire event experience unlike ever before. Below is a sneak peek into what’s available at Microsoft Build along with a few key updates to our training and certification program.

Microsoft Learn at Microsoft Build 2020

Register and join us online to participate in skilling opportunities throughout the event. You’ll have the chance to engage with Microsoft Learn modules in a team environment, compete for prizes in the Microsoft Build Cloud Skills Challenge, with an opportunity to earn a free certification exam. There will also be access to cloud experts to optimize your Microsoft Build experience and continue your learning journey after the event concludes.

Be sure to register for one of the dedicated Microsoft Learn sessions: Closing the Skills Gap with Microsoft Learn and Microsoft Certification. In this 30-minute live interactive session, we’ll explore a variety of developer-focused training and certification offerings from Microsoft Learn, and provide an insightful look into the value of becoming certified.

In addition, Microsoft SMEs will guide attendees through a hands-on experience within a Microsoft Learn module while participants follow along in their own Microsoft Learn environment. There will be five 75-minute sessions aired across three time zones. Reserve your spot today as these sessions will fill up.

New Microsoft Certifications

As we prepare for Microsoft Build, we’re excited to announce three new certifications:

  • Microsoft Certified: Azure AI Fundamentals: This certification is ideal for candidates who want to demonstrate knowledge of common machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI), and how to implement those workloads on Azure. The beta exam will be available June 2020.
  • Microsoft Certified: Azure Data Fundamentals: This certification is ideal for candidates who want to demonstrate foundational knowledge of core data concepts and how they’re implemented using Microsoft Azure data services. This beta exam will be available June 2020.
  • Microsoft Certified: Power Platform App Maker Associate: This certification gives candidates the opportunity to demonstrate a new level of proficiency as app makers gain a variety of skills, including high-level app design, model-driven power-app creation, visualizing data analysis and implementing security management. The beta exam will be available July 2020.

New! Microsoft Learn for students and educators

As we continue to invest in skilling our customers, including future technology innovators, we’re thrilled to announce a new home for students and educators on Microsoft Learn! In addition, we launched a new program, Microsoft Learn for Educators, for academic instructors to access Microsoft curriculum and teaching materials across Azure and Power Platform fundamentals that are aligned to our certifications. These industry-recognized certifications augment a student’s existing degree path and validate the skills needed to be successful across a variety of technical careers.

While digital transformation reshapes how we do business, we understand the importance of keeping your technical skills up to date. And because there are different ways to learn, reimagining how we bring digital events is an opportunity for us to make your learning experience more seamless. We hope to see you online at Microsoft Build!