Azure CLI reference commands for Azure IoT

The Azure Command-Line Interface (CLI) is a set of commands used to create and manage Azure resources for many Azure services. For Azure IoT, over 100 different commands are available, which give you the ability to work effectively with the service from a command-line.

The Azure CLI commands for Azure IoT are composed of two parts: Azure CLI (commonly referred to as CLI core) and the Azure CLI extension for IoT .

IoT functionality in Azure CLI core is focused on infrastructure management and configuration. IoT Hub CRUD operations, or configuring IoT Hub message routes are typical use cases for core commands.

The Azure CLI extension for IOT introduces rich features and functionality to manage, manipulate and interact with the data, entities and objects on the infrastructure itself. For example, managing fleets of devices, monitoring device-to-cloud events, and invoking cloud to device methods are all enabled via the IoT extension. The Azure CLI extension for IoT unlocks the use of experimental or pre-release technology, which contributes to its versatility in various scenarios and use cases. Azure CLI extensions are automatically installed the first time you run an extension reference. For more information about extension references, see Use extensions with Azure CLI.


You're prompted to install an extension reference on first use. Or, you can use the az extension add command to manually install an extension.

Reference command List

List of Azure CLI references that can be used to manage Azure IoT, reference type and reference descriptions:

Reference Core or extension Description
az dt Extension Manage Azure Digital Twins solutions & infrastructure.
az iot Both All available Azure CLI core commands for Azure IoT.
az iot central Both Manage IoT Central assets.
az iot device Extension Leverage device-to-cloud and cloud-to-device messaging capabilities.
az iot du Extension Manage Device Update for IoT Hub infrastructure, updates, and deployments.
az iot dps Both Manage Azure IoT Hub Device Provisioning Service.
az iot edge Extension Manage IoT solutions on the Edge.
az iot hub Both Manage Azure IoT Hub infrastructure.
az iot product Extension Manage device testing for product certification.

Additional Azure CLI commands for Azure services used by IoT

Reference Type Description
az maps core Manage Azure Maps.
az tsi extension Manage Azure Time Series Insights.

Azure CLI reference examples

Examples are provided with every Azure CLI reference. Although you can also complete these tasks through the Azure portal, using the Azure CLI requires a command line. Here are a few code blocks to give you an idea of how easy it is to use the Azure CLI.

To work with Azure IoT, you first need a resource group. Azure resource groups are simple to create and manage with the Azure CLI.

#create a resource group
az group create --location westus --name MyResourceGroup
#get a list of resource groups for a subscription
az group list --subscription MySubscription --output table

It's also easy to create an Azure IoT Hub.

#create an Azure IoT hub
az iot hub create --resource-group MyResourceGroup --name MyIotHub --location westus

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